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Sacred Temples CD

Track 1: Dhobapara
time 5:58 min

Track 2: Mount Kailash
time 7:59 min

Track 3: Gir Forest
time 6:30 min

Track 4: Chamba
time 7:28 min

Track 5: Hanuman in New Delhi
time 4:10 min

Track 6: Khajuraho
time 4:54 min

Track 7: Konark
time 4:38 min

Track 8: Chidambaram
time 5:24 min


  • Chinmaya Dunster: sarod, guitars, keyboards
  • Manish Vyas: tabla, vocals
  • Bikram Singh: flute
  • Sangit Om: keyboard, harp
  • Sadhu Bolland: piano, swarmandel and vocals
  • Nandin Baker: flute
  • Vidroha Jamie: guitar
  • Prem Patra: vocals
  • Henrik Gumoes: percussion
  • (Released in 2002 - New Earth Records)

"In this phenomenal release Chinmaya Dunster captures all the pristine beauty and mystical spiritualism of the Sacred Temples of India and mysteriously presents them in way that the western ear can not only access, but also lovingly appreciate.

The sacred beauty of the Chinmaya’s sarod lifts listeners into realms of divine bliss as hosts of angels increase the heavenly experience with the sounds of glorious flutes, tablas, guitars, keyboards, chimes, harp, bells, and other sweet sonic expressions.

In many ways these awesome musical soundscapes are as moving an experience as actually visiting the Sacred Temples of India because after hearing it, it feels like I’ve actually been there. And what an amazing and wonderful experience it is!

Without reservation, let me say this musical offering from Chinmaya Dunster is truly a divine gift for which I am most grateful. Needless to say, this precious music easily receives my highest recommendation to all, especially lovers of new age, Eastern Indian, and World music."

Musical Soundscapes
Rev Robert Walmsley