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Dance Your Way to God CD cover

Dance Your Way to God Chinmaya’s first dance single, with lyrics taken from book titles by the Indian mystic Osho. (2014)

Dance Your Way to God

At the Edge CD cover

At the Edge A provocative rock/funk single, with lyrics about challenging inner states of mind. (2014) At the Edge

Mystic Poets of India CD cover

In Mystic Poets of India Chinmaya and Sandeep Srivastav have put into ragas a selection of poems written by Indian mystics. It was released in 2013.

Meditation Ragas CD cover

Meditation Ragas Soulful explorations on the sarod of Indian ragas blended with Western chords and instrumentation. The tracks are based on seven sense meditations taken from the ancient Indian text: Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. (NER 2013)

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Land of the Buddhas CD cover

Gaia’s Garden Chinmaya’s musical expression of feelings evoked by some of Earth’s most beautiful places, with illustrious guest performers from many countries. (NER 2011)

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Land of the Buddhas CD cover

Land of the Buddhas A ‘Best of’ CD, from Chinmaya’s New Earth Records releases. If you have ever pondered over which CD to buy from Chinmaya’s collection, maybe this is the one! (NER 2009)

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Buddha Moon CD cover

Buddha Moon Indian classical ragas on flute and slide guitar backed with acoustic guitar chords, expressing the inner silence of the Awakened One and inviting the listener into the depths of his or her own silence. (NER 2007)

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Yoga Spirit CD cover

Yoga Spirit Under the band name Akasha, Chinmaya adapted age-old Sanskrit lyrics sung by vocalists from around the world and provided contemporary instrumentation (malimba 2004).

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Sacred Temples of India CD cover

Sacred Temples of India Chinmaya’s musical tribute to India, celebrating twenty-five years of visiting the country he considers his adopted home. (NER 2002)

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Yoga: On Sacred Ground CD cover

Yoga: On Sacred Ground Composed and recorded while Chinmaya was co-ordinator of the Music Department at the Osho Resort in Pune (India). One of the world’s first dedicated ‘yoga’ CDs. (NER 2000)

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Feng Shui: The Eightfold Path CD cover

Feng Shui the Eightfold Path Chinmaya often says how proud he feels to have played almost every instrument on this, his most ‘Western’ release. The music aims to evoke the spirit of the Feng Shui energies. (NER 1999)

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Chinmaya’s Four CDs on Nightingale Records

Chinmaya’s Four CDs on Nightingale Records No longer available. Made with Persian musican Sangit Sirus, Indian tabla/santoor player Manish Vyas, Dutch accordionist Sadhu Bolland and Canadian flautist Nandin Baker. Released 1994-7. Produced in Hamburg by Sangit Om (Stefan Petersilge)

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A collection of song lyrics

In the 1990s Chinmaya created two CDs of original songs released privately. Some of these are autobiographical, others mystical or nature-inspired.

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