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Feng Shui CD

Track 1: Right Minfulness
time 7:41 min

Track 2: Right Views
time 5:44 min

Track 3: Right Livelihood
time 5:35 min

Track 4: Right Samadhi
time 5:07 min

Track 5: Right Morality
time 5:35 min

Track 6: Right Effort
time 4:12 min

Track 7: Right Speech
time 6:07 min

Track 8: Right Intention
time 5:04 min


  • Chinmaya Dunster: sarod, celtic harp, santoor, guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion
  • Don Lax: violin
  • Kevin O’Kennedy: penny whistle
  • Shastro: bamboo flute
  • John Zagrando: flute
  • Alistair Couper: hammer dulcimer, frame drum
  • Sambodhi Prem: guitar
  • (Released 2000 - New Earth Records)

"Feng Shui: The Eightfold Path is a lyrical album of original compositions from one of the New Age genres leading artists.

Some wonderful guitar work weaves well with the sarod and santoor from India, Celtic harp and flute producing a blend of sacredness from East and West.

A beautiful, accessible album which will transform you inner and outer worlds with it’s touching harmony."

"Blending sacred sounds from the Buddhist lands of the East with acoustic instruments from around the world, Chinmaya Dunster evokes spiritual soundscapes of ancient masters who succeeded in taming their outer world only through their mastery of the inner one.

Within this tranquil offering, instruments from diverse world cultures find a harmonic balance that assists the listener in bringing forth the inner Feng Shui, the essence of which brings transformation to our inner world.

Buddhists know this practice as the Eightfold Path, and descriptions of the eight aspects of the path are included with the CD, along with a guide to use each associated track of music to bring these aspects into an internal harmony with the personality.

Soothing and relaxing, this music helps to balance the physical world with the spiritual one and brings us a step closer to identifying where the dream begins. Great for one’s inner work as well as for massage or general relaxation, this gorgeous World / new age music release is very highly recommended to all."

Musical Soundscapes
Rev Robert Walmsley