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Concert for India’s Environment DVD

Concert for India’s Environment

At this concert in Pune (India) environmentally concerned schoolchildren join Chinmaya Dunster and the Celtic Ragas Band to read their own poems about nature. Images of the band are blended with interviews with environmentalists and stunning footage of the Indian wilderness.

1. A Sense of Wonder

Track: Chance Finding (C. Dunster)
Interview with Dr. Erach Bharucha (BVIEER), poems read by students: "I love the fog in the winter...":, "Trees are our friends first...":,

2. Sacred Groves

Track: Sarvane (by Sandesh Shandilya) performed by Shruti Banu from Tamil, India
City children are invited to visit the sacred forests which, traditionally, are protected by a deity, comments by Dr. Erach Bharucha

3. Paying the Price

Track: Changes (C. Dunster & A. Forest)
Shamita Kumar, Deputy Director BVIEER, talks about the understanding women have regarding environment. A girl says: "I plant my tree on my birthday...":

4. Children’s Voices

Track: Bhattiyali (C. Dunster)
Dr. Bharucha proposes conservation education in rural schools (12% of India’s population), landscape shots, children’s poems and interviews

5. Naturescapes

Track: Manipuri (C. Dunster & B. Singh)
‘Just’ music and images of birds...

6. Wildlife and Livelihood

Track: Circle Makers (by C. Dunster & S. Bolland)
Dr. Bharucha discusses the threat on the natural forests in the Himalayas and the impact on the livelihoods of communities living there.

7. Why We Care 1

Track: Moonsong (C. Dunster & A. Forrest)
The musicians tell us what inspired them in nature. Footage includes a ruined fort in Maharashtra which has been reclaimed by trees.

8. Why We Care 2

Track: Mausam Ayenge (Ahmed Hussein & Mohammed Hussein)
Thoughts from Dr. Erach Bharucha (BVIEER), Chinmaya and Ramadan Suisse. "I love everything about nature..."

Extra: Dr Bharucha’s interview

How to bring awareness of biodiversity into the general public and eventually create government policies.