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Celtic Ragas CD

Track 1: Chance Meeting
time 5:02 min

Track 2: The Mists of Ruantallain
time 5:50 min

Track 3: At the Edge of the Known World
time 5:03 min

Track 4: Mere Hamsafar
time 4:50 min

Track 5: Tara
time 4:34 min

Track 6: The Goddess
time 4:53 min

Track 7: Wandering Way
time 4:24 min

Track 8: A Gypsy Tale
time 4:08 min

Track 9: Dorset
time 4:32 min


  • Chinmaya Dunster: sarod (a classical Indian fretless stringed instrument) and guitar on two tracks
  • Vidroha Jamie: guitars
  • Manish Vyas: tablas
  • Jerry Demos: drums
  • Sangit Om (S. Petersilge): bamboo flute on ‘Mists of Ruantallain’
  • Friedmar Hitzer: violin
  • Don. V. Lax: violin on ‘Tara’
  • Naman (M. Leuschner): trumpet
  • Douglas White: bass
  • Henrik Gumos: hand percussion
  • Shastro: hand percussion on ‘At the Edge of the Known World’ and ‘Tara,’ soprano recorder and keyboard bass on ‘Tara’
  • Chinmaya and Jamie collaborated on all the tracks except for ‘Dunster’ (Jamie) and ‘At the Edge of the Known World’ and ‘Tara’ (Dunster).
  • (Released 1998 - New Earth Records)

Guitarist Vidroha Jamie who has contributed to this album says: "It’s a musical love affair. As if East and West – Chinmaya’s melodies on sarod and my harmonies on guitar – are eager to join in an intimate conversation like two old friends."

"Now, I realize you may be thinking the words ‘Celtic’ and ‘raga’ are an unlikely combination. But Chinmaya Dunster, who plays the Indian sarod, and Vidroha Jamie, who plays guitar, make it all sound effortless. The instrumental melodies of Celtic Ragas are at once contemporary and timeless, the spiritual union of two seemingly disparate cultures. Dunster had originally heard the sarod back in 1979. It struck him how Celtic folk music and Indian classical music had much in common, and the idea for Celtic Ragas was conceived. The eight tracks comprise nearly 45 minutes of soothing, healing music. Dunster and Jamie have played in concerts, meditations, and healing groups all over the world. Even a casual listener will understand that these two artists have a very special relationship when it comes to this unique music. They’re joined by musicians playing tablas, drums, violin, flute, bass, trumpet, and percussion. The resulting blend of sarod and guitar melodies with these multicultural instruments makes Celtic Ragas fresh indeed. While there isn’t a weak track on the album, one of the standouts for me is ‘Mere Hamsafar.’ The way Dunster and Jamie dance the entrancing melody with their instruments is a joy to hear. It’s as though the sarod and guitar were meant to be played together. Perfect for meditation, massage, or relaxing with friends, the soothing charms of Celtic Ragas are sure to please."

Serge Kozlovsky
New Age Retailer