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Buddha Moon

Track 1: New Moon
time 14:45 min

Track 2: Waxing Moon
time 16:10 min

Track 3: Full Moon
time 13:46 min

Track 4: Waning Moon
time 14:08 min

with Karunesh in New Zealand


  • Chinmaya Dunster: sarod
  • Bikkram Singh: bamboo flute
  • Amano Manish: Indian slide guitar
  • Karunesh: claypot / production
  • (Released 2007 - New Earth Records)

"Another wonderful meditation CD from New Earth Records, Buddha Moon was recorded live in the light of a full moon just before dawn. While listening to the hypnotic melodies filled with strings, flutes, and drums, I felt the stress and pressure of day-to-day life drift away – the tension just melted.

Just a minute shy of one hour, it is the perfect compliment to yoga or massage sessions. An in-store spin around rush hour will attract many customers tired from a long workday."

New Age Retailer

"A collection of ragas inspired by the phases of the moon that’s just the right length for an hour massage and is a lot more invigorating to listen to than some half ass budget compilation that pretends to be geared to bodywork.

Music that gives you an enlightened feeling, this is what new age was supposed to be about before it was commercially co-opted into a marketing thing.

This set intersects on the corner of new age and world beat and adds a lot to both."

Midwest Record, 12 May 2007