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Yoga: On Sacred Ground CD Yoga: On Sacred Ground CD track list

Track 1: Natrani
(Queen of the Dance)
time 10:18 min

Track 2: Gratitude
time 5:11 min

Track 3: Breathing time
time 8:13 min

Track 4: On Sacred Ground
time 12:02 min

Track 5: The Watcher
time 10:13 min

Track 6: Ha - Tha (Sun Meets Moon)
time 3:55 min

Track 7: Purnima Namashkar (Homage to the Full Moon)
time 8:26 min

Track 8: Shivasana (bonus track)
time 6:17 min

"This is heartfelt music infused with the fragrance of joy: the plaintive violin, sarod, guitar and flute stir feelings of gratitude, making yoga practice an offering, a spontaneous celebration. I found myself practicing with more joyousness while listening to the bright sounds and sensuous rhythms of Yoga On Sacred Ground, and my students give it two thumbs up!"

Joseph Robertson

"The compositions on this CD are designed to attune and energize the seven chakra centers of the body in order to bring it into harmony with the rest of the universe. Thus we feel the effervescence of "Natrani" followed by the graceful strains of ‘gratitude’, then gradually we are enveloped by a series of different musical instruments and styles until the recording culminates in ‘Purnima Namashkar’, an upbeat and jovial ‘homage to the full moon’. An interesting blend of Eastern and Western experience."

Michael Woodhead
Synchronicity Magazine